This is the portfolio site of Aaron Jones.
I am a web developer in Chicago, Illinois USA.


Please contact me via email if you would like to speak with me about opportunities and/or request a copy of my resume: jonesaaro@gmail.com

web development

While my specialization is with front-end development, I have worked with full-stack, architecture, and design. I am very eager to learn new technologies and concepts.

Front-end development can mean something different to each person. To me, it can mean everything from css styles, html structure and templating, to event handling, data binding, data flow, API calls/consumption, and DOM manipulation/digest. I approach projects with 10+ years experience in front-end web development, critical thinking, and interactive design. I am experienced in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

As of 2020, I have been working with React for 2 years and Angular for three years. I see React and Vue.js as the way forward (for now).

In addition, I have completed a MS in E-commerce at DePaul University. This has deepened my skill-set and value. I have created single page applications, server rendered web applications, wireframes, banners, electronic newsletters, HTML templates, and AEM components.


I have worked with Python, SQL, and (in the distant past) .net. While earning my MS in E-commerce, I was been exposed to programming in SQL, Java, Python, PHP, Objective-C and C, among other CS and infrastructure concepts.


I am an accomplished communicator, and I love working with a team of PMs, designers, front and back-end engineers as well as other stakeholders such as marketing and human resources. I speak enough UX and design to contribute to a UI meeting and enough SQL and CS to contribute to intergration and architecture.

As a part of my MS education, I have taken classes in machine learning, supply chain theory, and e-commerce business strategy among other concepts.


Lately I am interested in experimenting with ways to mix data and multiplatform rendering, specifically with React. I hope to continue to deepen my knowledge of React/redux as well as get more experience with unit testing and SaaS architecture.

I am an avid sci-fi reader. I play guitar and I'm learing violin as well as having an interest in electronic music.

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